Frequently Asked Questions

​Q. Where do you find your stories? 

​A. ​I like to think that I am drawn to less popular time periods, such as Restoration America or Pre-World War 1 America, and am then able to find relatable character's in those worlds.  In House of Silence​ I found Isabelle struggling to find her voice in a world dominated by rules that she couldn't follow.

​Q. Were you always interested in history?

​A. I have always found history interesting. I grew up watching old movie musicals and have always longed to live in another decade.  Of course, being without cell phones or working plumbing makes the reality a bit less romantic.  The best I can do is live through my characters.

​Q. What is your best writing tip?​ 

​A. At my first conference another writer told me that the best piece of advice she received was to 'put her butt in the chair.'  Just write. Don't give up.  Don't second guess yourself or try to make the first draft perfect.  Just Write

Q.Who has influenced you the most as a writer?​ 

​A. This is a hard question for me.  My gut answer is that good writing influences me.  However, that also sounds rather snobbish.  So here it family influence me by always telling me to keep pushing forward and keep writing.  My fellow authors influence me by the level of passion they have for their work and the talent they pocess.  And my characters influence me.  Their story has yet to be told and they are clamoring to have their words on the page. 

​Q. What are your favorite authors?​ 

​A. I think this is the question that authors hate most.  There are so many authors to choose from, but there are a few stand-outs.  My favorite fantasy author is Robin Hobb.  I love the detail she puts into her characters.  They are like close friends of mine.  Other authors I follow are Jay Asher, Ann Tyler, Jane Austin, Shannon Hale, Leon Uris,

​Q. What are you working on now?

​A. I am currently working on my next novel, Ziegfeld Girls​.  It follows two girls, one of color the other not, through the process to finding their voice on Broadway in 1914, just before WWI began.  I am really excited about this novel as Broadway has been such a huge part of my life (viewing and listening to it, not performing.)

​Q. Where can we contact you?

​A. I love hearing from my readers.  You can follow me on Facebook (Sarah Barthel Author) or follow my blog!


Sarah Barthel, Author